Why C Sharp and the frequency of 432 Hertz

The tone of C sharp is special because:

- The earth vibrates in its annual tone in the 32nd octave on C sharp.

- This annual sound is the "OM", the original vibration.

- This C sharp at 136 Hz in India corresponds to the natural concert pitch and on which the basic tuning of the sitar and the OM are intoned.

- If you now follow this fundamental tone upwards in its natural sequence of tones, you get to A1= 432 Hz

(Text based on content from the book "The Octave" by Hans Cousto)

For these reasons I tune my C sharp flutes at 432 Hz and for these reasons over 90% of my customers buy a C sharp flute. The fundamental tone is around 1/4 tone lower than that of "440 Hz" tuned C sharp flutes.


Flutes tuned to 432 Hz have a softer and warmer sound, 

which touches even more deeply than it already does.


Music at 432 Hz has a noticeably relaxing and healing effect on people.

It opens the heart and connects - according to the vibration - with heaven and earth, because we vibrate in resonance with the sound of the earth.