Native Style Love Flutes

Dear visitor,

I am glad that you visit my page. I hope you feel the magic that my flutes radiate or as the Native American flutist of Navajo and Ute heritage R.C. Nakai says:  

"The Native Love Flute is an instrument of the heart, their magical sound captures you and will never let you go"

In this sense, I wish you inspiring and captivating moments on my homepage.


here > a little story of how I found the Native Love Flute or better, how it found me.

Here Corinne presents our flutes on our YouTube channel. 

With a smile





News 2024


What a crazy number. In 2024, my team and I will build the 1000th flute. If someone had told me 14 years ago that we would build so many flutes in that time, that I would have a team and that we would ship our flutes to half of Europe, I would probably have thought, yes, tell me about it... But what a great story. I am very grateful for it and it shows me that if you do something with enthusiasm and keep at it, success will always come and the universe helps a lot!

And so it is now, from April 2024 we will be opening our Indian love flute store with accessories in Neuenkirch.

As a gift to the universe, we are giving away the 1000th flute to all those who write us an e-mail via our homepage with the keyword 1000 by July 1. We will then build this flute especially for you according to your wishes. We wish you good luck and maybe you will be the proud owner of the 1000th flute.

With great pride

Helmut and the Featherwindflutes team

New we make Flutes for children made of bamboo in C# with 432 HZ

Of course, adults can also play this flute or use it as a Travel flute. It fits in a small bag or even pocket :-). 

Price: CHF 150.-



High C-sharp flute for young and old

Here a Youtube link to a video in which Corinne introduces the C-sharp flute

Bass A, bass C-sharp and one high C-sharp flute

Here a Youtube link to a video in which Corinne

introduces the flutes


And here you can find more Bass A flutes

The team of Featherwindflutes

I am very pleased to be able to introduce my team, with whom I am building these wonderful heart instruments (from left to right):

Boris Böhler 

Helmut Gollmann (founder)

Rosemarie Keller

Corinne Bertschi 

Severin Elleberger 

Sunaya, the most musical dog I know. She sings the most beautiful arias when we tune our flutes in the workshop.

Flute Playing Workshops and lessons

Corinne Bertschi
Corinne Bertschi

Corinne offers Workshops, One to one lessons in person or online

Highly recommended for beginners and advanced players who are looking for a new input for their own playing. Further information can be found here