Flutes - Prices

You can buy my flutes by contacting me through email or phone. We ship our flutes worldwide.

Flutes that you order or that we are allowed to build for you will be shipped after receipt of payment.

You have a right of return. If you don't like them, you can send them back within 3 days.

Postal delivery price depending on the country of destination

G, G-sharp, A in 432 Hz / 440Hz

CHF 480.- 

E, F, F-sharp in 432 Hz / 440Hz

CHF  580.-

CHF  780.- Flutes made of two woods (e.g. olive/maple, rosewood/maple) 

Bass C-sharp, D in 432 Hz / 440Hz

CHF  680.-

CHF  880.- Flutes made of two woods (e.g. olive/maple, rosewood/maple)  

Bass A Flute in 432 Hz / 440Hz

CHF 880.- 

Droneflöte (Double flute) C-sharp or other keys

CHF 1100.-

All prices include a flute bag and my CD "Inspiration of friends"

Since I support the project of Jasmina Meier and Gunnar Hartmann, part of the sales price goes to the Lotus Children Center in Aswan, Ägypten